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Official Release Patch Notes – 9.4.2019

by ROE team 2019-09-04 15:35:05

Official Release Patch Notes – G36 Assault Rifle, Balance changes, QOL changes and German language support (9.4.2019)



Dear Adventurers,


Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:



Adventurer Character

l  Enabled Edmund – Fearless Eagle Style A and Fearless Eagle Style B

l  Optimized Edmund – Fearless Eagle’s visual effects

l  Optimized Alice’s backpack animation details

l  Enabled Friday – The Magician, The Magician Style A, and The Magician Style B


New Weapon- the G36

l  Introducing the latest weapon addition in Ring of Elysium, the German made Assault Rifle G36, it can be found as a regular loot on Europa Island (normal mode, training mode and Ashen Eye)

l  The G36 also has a special “2-round burst” firing mode, make sure to give that a shot!



l  Improved the Glider

n  Slightly increased the base gliding speed

n  Players will now automatically vault when they glide into climbable obstacles

n  Players are now able to fire their weapons sooner after starting to glide

l  Characters now recover much faster after falling

l  Short falls will no longer cancel healing

l  Significantly increased the blind and deafen duration caused by the Flashbang

l  Added hit indicators for Grenade, Flashbang and RPG-7

l  Optimized weapon ironsights’ calibration (this is a visual-only change)

l  Increased the overstep-height for the BMX bike, making the BMX less likely to get stuck by small objects

l  Removed the hit effects and hit indicators when hitting a teammate or getting hit by teammates



l  Improved the UI for item splitting (Ctrl+drag), the default amount is set to half of the amount equipped instead of 1

l  Added a UI to display the amount of healing items in your inventory



l  Added German language support in game settings

l  Added a new option- Auto-use bandages continuously, players can turn on this option to automatically continuously use bandages to full health

l  Added a new option- Randomize loading screen, players can turn on this option to randomly select a loading screen that they own

l  Added a new option- Randomize lobby music, players can turn on this option to randomly select a lobby music that they own after every game


Bug Fixes

l  Fixed an issue where boats would often point downwards in big waves

l  Fixed an issue where enemy players can also see the recon radar effects after getting on the mini-compact Battlecar

l  Fixed an issue where the Armored-truck Battlecar’s machinegun turret sound effects continued to play after the vehicle is destroyed

l  Fixed an issue where the TAC-50’s bolt pulling sound effect was incorrect when in the left-shoulder perspective

l  Fixed an issue where characters’ upper body slightly quivered in some cases

l  Fixed several incorrect loot points

l  Fixed several incorrect building collisions

l  Fixed several in-game typos


Thanks for playing,