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Patch Notes – Weapon Recoil Overhaul Implemented (Jun.25.2020)

by ROE team 2020-06-28 14:24:23

Dear Adventurers,


Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:



Adventurer Characters

l  Enabled Ada– Rebel Angel, Rebel Angel Style A, Rebel Angel Style B


l  Enabled Klein– Max Protection Style B


Weapon Recoil Overhaul

l  The recoil overhaul we tested in LTM “Heavy Caliber” has been applied to all modes

l  Fixed an issue where the default vertical sensitivity was set to 65, the default value is now 100

l  Some pro tips for getting used to the new recoil system:

n  Under the new mechanics, we have significantly lowered the randomness of weapon recoil and designed a recoil pattern for every weapon in the game. Each weapon will have a more distinct character and have their strengths and weaknesses. Players will be able to practice, learn, and master each weapon’s recoil pattern, and gradually increase their recoil control skills through playing

n b0346860-551d-4983-88df-8dff06157dbe.gif

n  (Schematic diagram for M4A1 and Groza’s recoil control mouse movement)

n  We also recommend players to adjust in-game sensitivities and their vertical sensitivity ratio setting if needed


Bug Fixes

l  Fixed an issue where grappling hook cooldown was occasionally shown incorrectly in TDM mode

l  Fixed an issue where the Scorpion EVO3 A1 occasionally missed firing sound effects

l  Fixed an issue where a when a transparent UI blocked the lower-right side of the screen when character moved under the prone position (this bug only occurred occasionally)


Thanks for playing,