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Introducing- Anniversary Exclusive Characters

by ROE team 2019-09-19 10:52:06

Dear Adventurers,

Anniversary Event- Unlock Exclusive Anniversary Characters

l  Event period: September 19 to October 16

l  Added four types of event items- Hikage's mask, Alfonso's helmet, Saki's armband and Stella's headphones, they can be used to redeem Exclusive Anniversary Characters

l  During the event, players can obtain the event items via the following ways:

n  Participating in the daily lobby check-in

n  Eliminating opponents in non-training mode games

n  Looting airdrops in non-training mode games

n  Placing at top 12 in Squad mode and top 40 in Solo mode in non-training mode games

l  After collecting enough character fragment items, you can redeem the corresponding Anniversary Exclusive Character to unlock it permanently or redeem other rewards at the Event Center in lobby

l  Please note that you do not need to own any previous season characters in order to use the Anniversary Exclusive Characters

l  After the event, Hikage's mask, Alfonso's helmet, Saki's armband and Stella's headphones will be reclaimed by the system