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Heavy Caliber TDM - Jump into the action to experience brand-new weapon recoil!

by ROE team 2020-06-18 17:02:27

Limited Time Modes

   New LTM- 4v4 TDM “Heavy Caliber”

   ”Heavy Caliber” is the 4v4 TDM mode with brand-new recoil pattern for all weapons and additional gunplay mechanic adjustments, bringing you a more exciting gunplay experience, for more details on the gunplay changes, read below

   "Heavy Caliber" is available at every Thursday / Saturday / Sunday during the following hours:

NA: 14:00 - 22:59 (Pacific Time)

EU: 15:00 - 23:59 (GMT/UTC)

AS: 15:00 - 23:59 (GMT+8)

   Increased LTM’s experience bonus from 200% to 400%




l  Weapon Recoil Overhaul

n  The weapon recoil mechanic has been updated from the ground up. Different weapons will have their own characteristics, and players will be able to learn and master the recoil pattern of each weapon. Our goal is to bring a deeper gunplay experience to Ring of Elysium by creating actual differences between weapons

n  Please note: Players will be able to test out this overhaul in our Team Deathmatch Limited-time Mode "Heavy Caliber" exclusively for the time being

l  Weapon Balance

n  Bullet travel and velocity is being adjusted as well. Depending on how far away you're shooting, you'll start seeing a more noticeable bullet drop-off. Weapons also now have slightly adjusted ADS speed as well- stocks and the horizontal grip will increased the ADS speed, while the 2x, 4x, and 8x scopes will reduce the ADS speed

n  Assault rifles and submachine guns' damage and damage drop-off has been adjusted as well

l  Bullet Penetration

n  New to Ring of Elysium is the brand-new bullet penetration mechanic for certain weapons. Depending on where you hit a target, the bullet may continue to travel through. After a bullet hits a target, it'll simulate the penetration in the human body and calculate damage according to the location with the highest damage rate

n  Weapons with a light amount of bullet penetration are Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and the Desert Eagle. For example, if a bullet hits someone's arm that is lined up to make contact with other parts of their body, the damage will be calculated according to the highest damage area hit

n  Weapons with a significant amount of bullet penetration are Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles. For example, if someone is behind the first target, the bullet can penetrate the first target and continue to do damage to the second target

n  Lastly, SMG, Shotgun and Pistols (except the Desert Eagle) does not have any bullet penetration

l  Weapon Performance

n  Optimized the camera shake of equipped scopes when firing aiming down sight, making it more intense and immersive, creating a more dynamic difference between weapons

n  Optimized the scope sway when aiming down a scope to be in line with the character's breath

n  Optimized the animation of aiming down sight in third person perspective