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Heroic Challenges are back!

by ROE team 2020-07-30 15:38:00

Patch Notes- Gunplay Visual Overhaul, Heroic Challenges (Jul.30.2020)

Dear Adventurers,


Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

【Heroic Challenges】

● Heroic Challenges are back! Complete those challenges for exclusive rewards including portraits, accessories, and Adventurer Character Styles!



● The Adventurer Pass Bundle is now in Store, for just 1980 E-Points, unlock the S9 Adventurer Pass, 20 instant tier boosts, and 10 exclusive reward boxes!


● Instant Tier Boosts are back in stock, too! 1 Tier- 150EP, 10 Tiers- 1200EP, 20 Tiers- 2100EP


【ADS Overhaul】

● Remodeled various scopes

● Optimized the reticle's presentation, updated several reticle styles

● Added visual effects for the edge of scopes when moving the camera

● Added scope lens reflections and color cast effects

● Added the ADS Depth of Field visual effect option, this option is turned on by default, players may adjust it in the in-game options

【FPP Animation Overhaul】

● Optimized animations for character movement, jumps, ADS, and weapon sway

● Redesigned reload and ADS firing animations for all weapons

【New Mechanic- Breath Holding】

● Scope sway is now more noticeable with 4X and 8X scopes

● Holding "Shift" can effectively stabilize scope sway for a period of time

【New Mechanic- Bullet Penetration】

● Certain objects can now be penetrated by bullets, the damage is calculated based on the object's texture and thickness, firing distance, as well as the weapon used

【New Mechanic- Aim Punch】

● Added an aim punch camera shake effect when characters get hit, the screen shake intensity varies based on the amount of damage taken

【Special Effects】

● Optimized muzzle flashes and muzzle smoke effects

● Optimized textures for bullet holes and other effects

【Audio Effects】

● Added a realistic propagation delay for gunshot sounds

● Optimized audio effects for bullets that passes near players


● Hitmarks' UI placement is now dynamic

Thanks for playing,